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Cut your own Christmas Tree!Cut your own Christmas Tree!Cut your own Christmas Tree!Cut your own Christmas Tree!

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Why should you buy with us!


Family owned for over forty-five years

Christmas is a special time of year, and it all starts with family. For over forty-five years, Sidmore Christmas Tree Farms has been providing quality trees to the local community. From our family to yours, our trees don't disappoint and help to keep Christmas as special as it should be.

Real Trees for real people

Don't let a fake tree ruin the Christmas Spirit! When you buy a real tree from Sidmore's Christmas Tree Farm, you know what you're getting. You're not going to end up with a piece of plastic that will fall apart before the season is over. With no assembly required, nature will gaurantee the quality of your tree

Breathe Easier

The real trees from Sidmore's Christmas Tree Farm do more than just spread holiday cheer. They also convert CO2 into breathable oxygen. Let a real Christmas tree from Sidmore's Christmas Tree Farm clean up the air in your home and spread cheer while doing it. Just another way that real Christmas trees make a difference.

Good For Environment

Real trees help the environment in many ways, by converting CO2 into oxygen, and by reducing the need for fake trees, which help to pollute the environment

Save Money

Don't waste your Christmas cash on imported plastic. Save your money by buying a quality American-grown real tree. Less expensive than the alternatives and no assembly required.